Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday Fragments

ma-ma-say ma-ma-sah ma-mah poo-sah

♠ Last night's episode of LOST was probably one of the most well-crafted episodes of any TV show in a long time. LOST generally does pretty good at season finales, but it's hard to isolate any one episode as a "great" episode. This was one.

♠ I did not realize, though, that Dave Matthews worked on the freighter, though it makes sense since Stand Up was a really crappy CD and he needs money for legal fees in the old case where his tour bus took a dump on a boat full of tourists .

♠ It turns out that the writer's strike will work quite well for my schedule, since the final completed episode of LOST will air before I leave for Europe, and the next one after that will air a month later, after I've returned with some croissants and crumpets in my handbags.

♠ I still haven't gotten around to creating a nice, neat binder full of my disparate nuggets of Europe planning information -- maybe I'll do that in my spare time this weekend. I hate when my disparate nuggets are scattered all over the place.

♠ That's really all I have to say this week.

♠ Today's Friday Fragments column seems a little shorter than it normally is, but this doesn't really matter since it's the end of the month and no one will remember it next week when it vanishes off the front page. February 29th is such a made up day anyways, I might as well phone it in.

♠ If we occasionally have to add days to our calendar to keep ourselves in sync with the trajectory of the Earth around the sun, we might as well be reasonable about it and decree that the extra day is always an extra Saturday. No one's really going to cry over an extra weekday.

♠ Alternately, we can fire a probe at a glancing angle to the Earth, slightly increasing its angular momentum and velocity through space, eliminating the need for Leap Years (I recommend that Charlottesville be the target). However, since launching a probe would imply that we have a base established on another planet, we'll have to just go with the old-fashioned approach: everyone runs west really fast. This is very possible -- I took AP Physics in high school and slept through two semesters of COLLEGE Physics at Tech.

♠ Speaking of Tech, there is a Marching Virginians happy hour in Sterling (the most happening city in North America) at Bungalow Billiards tonight. Dave McKee will be there, so come out if you're local! There are no big plans for the weekend other than that, but I'll probably play some Professor Layton, a fun puzzle game on the DS, and some Warcraft. Plinkette hit level 70 a week ago and Plinky is stockpiling honor like crazy.

♠ This weekend is also jam-packed with birthdays, from Katie Lucas and Dave Harper tomorrow to Mike Sharp and Mike French on Sunday. Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend!

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