Monday, March 05, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend marked the start of a wind-down at work, which means that I only worked full-time on one of the two days. We tried to go out for dinner at a local African restaurant on Saturday night, only to find that it (and most of the surrounding strip mall) had gone out of business before Christmas. Instead, we ended up back at Pattaya Thai for various grains in noodle-form.

On Sunday morning, I started reading about new cars, and continued to wonder why the Honda Accord has gotten so massive in the past decade. I'll probably be getting a car in the same class as the Accord, since the only thing an Acura would get me is a higher insurance premium and fancier paint. Give me a radio that can play MP3s, an engine that supports and promotes aggressive driving, and good rear visibility, and I'm happy.

On Sunday, we had my parents over for a late birthday stir-fry dinner. Stir-fry dinners are the same as regular dinners, except that your house smells like beef and green peppers for two to three days afterwards. We then watched the movie, Tower Heist, which was cheap and cute.

How was your weekend?

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The Nutcracker Croc of Cretaceous Texas

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