Thursday, March 01, 2012

Review Day

There are no spoilers in these reviews.

Breville EW30XL Electric Gourmet Wok:
This was a parental Christmas gift, and it lives up to the level of quality shown by my favorite Breville toaster oven. The wok heats up quickly and evenly, and there are all sorts of easy meals you can make with it. We've gone about half and half on slavishly following recipes versus just throwing a bunch of junk in, and it usually turns out pretty well. There was an initial investment curve in getting all the goofy oils and spices that you'd never otherwise use, but they last forever once you have them. Cleaning after oil-based cooking is usually the worst, but this wok comes apart along various seams, and the entire assembly is dishwasher-safe, even the electrical jack. Overall, it's very easy to deal with and a good way to promote eating a little fresher every now and then.

Final Grade: A

Malcolm in the Middle, Season Six:
Comfortably good.

Final Grade: B

Mamma Mia!:
I'm not averse to musicals and I'm not averse to camp, which is probably how Rebecca convinced me to watch this. Unfortunately this movie is so bombastically campy that it should have KOA signs sprinkled in the background of every scene. Among other impressive performances, Pierce Brosnan should be singled out for channeling a singing lawnmower. Perhaps you need to be familiar with more than one ABBA song to enjoy this, or perhaps you should just skip it.

Final Grade: D

As payback for watching Mamma Mia!, I got to pick a heist movie to watch. Although this seemed like a heist movie from the trailer, it's really more of a mishmash of genres with an art house vibe: not as weird as Freeway, but not the movie I was expecting to watch. It is gripping, and with good performances, so you might like it if you go in without expecting anything. Seriously, doesn't that look like Jason Segel on the cover? He should star in the parody, REVERSE.

Final Grade: C

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