Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fragments

good times, bad food

♠ Now that Rebecca has finally seen Labyrinth, the Chilly Down scene is one of her favorite things to watch, after this Friskies commercial. I remember thinking that the wild gang was really creepy when I was young. I also used to fast-forward through the stupid ballroom dance later in the movie because I felt that it didn't advance the plot, and it detracted from the more important parts with mazes in them.

♠ Speaking of mazes, the eastbound Dulles Toll Road at 495 is easily the most poorly designed interchange in the area right now. Between the overhead signs that identify five lanes when there are four and the giant "495 N: Center Lane!" sign in the part with only two lanes, it's definitely on its way to being the next Mixing Bowl.

♠ I've been spending a larger amount of my day in traffic recently, what with work meetings and a volleyball league whose court location is only convenient to paratroopers. Since today's CDs are so short, I've been listening to more of my old jazz CDs -- the ones where they try to cram as many two-minute songs onto an extended CD as possible, not the ones where Chip McNeill plays flat-five variations on Flight of the Bumblebee for twenty minutes.

♠ Someone recently discovered by site with the query "is chip mcneill gay?" and it seems to follow the trend of people asking Google questions as if it were Jeeves. Just yesterday "how do I set up Settlers of Catan?" made an appearance.

♠ I have lost most of my recent Lost Cities games with Rebecca recently, usually because I get distracted too easily from my initial strategy and end up overreaching. I also seem to be very unlucky playing the white deck, but tend to do well when playing the yellow deck. There's probably a life lesson in this as well.

♠ Plans for the weekend include some birthday-related barbequing, possibly with pinatas, margaritas, or tatas on the side, as well as some much needed sleep. Have a great weekend!

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